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2019 Average Heating and Cooling Repair & Service Costs

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If you are looking for heating and cooling repair services in your area but are worried about the cost and do not know what to expect do not worry.  I have prepared this article today to help you better understand the average cost of HVAC services in 2019 as well as the excellent services each heating and air company should offer you. 

After today you will have a much better understanding of what to expect during your next HVAC service or repair call.

Everyone knows that heating and air conditioning systems are usually a costly investment. Most homeowners usually look for companies with the credibility of repairing any type of heating and cooling system they may have. 

The only problem one may have is not knowing just how much the AC and heating service will cost you especially if it is an emergency service call.  That is why I have prepared for you the following list of air conditioning and heating system services every HVAC company should offer you as well as the average cost of these services in 2019.

For additional information about costly HVAC mistakes, please be sure to watch the following video:

Average Cost Of Reliable Service for Heating and Cooling  Systems in 2019

1. Air Conditioner Repair

Air conditioner repair is something you should expect from an HVAC company you come by. Normally and air conditioner repair usually goes for around $356 in most parts of the United States.

If you need a window air conditioner repair service, the company you hired should be able to do this without having a lot of problems. This service will only cost the homeowner an amount of $225 dollars.

2. Furnace Repair

Another service you will automatically expect any credible HVAC company to offer is furnace repair. Furnace repair usually goes for around 289 dollars.

3. Chimney Cleaning

This is a service you can sometimes expect to receive after hiring an HVAC company is chimney cleaning. This service will currently cost you around $241 dollars.

Air duct service

4. Duct & Vent Cleaning and Installation

You will also expect the HVAC service company you have hired to clean ducts and vents. Receiving this service will cost you about $366 dollars currently.

Ducts and vents installation is another awesome service you will receive once you hire an HVAC company. This service will be availed to homeowners at an average national cost of $1,127 dollars. 

You can also have an attic fan installed for you at an average national rate of about $590 dollars. Repairing an attic fan is another service that you will surely be accorded by technicians from the HVAC Company you have hired. This kind of service will cost the homeowner an average amount of $293 dollars.

5. HVAC Installation 

Once you hire an HVAC unit, you will expect them to be able to install an air conditioner unit in an efficient way. The current charges of installing an HVAC unit are around $5,495 dollars. If you have hired a good company, they will be able to install a unit effectively.

Installing a window air conditioner is another service one expects to receive upon hiring an HVAC company. This is a service that will be availed to the homeowners at a national average price of $295 dollars.

Before and after furnace installation

6.  Furnace Installation

One of the most important services that many homeowners should expect to receive once you hire a good HVAC company is furnace installation. The charges for this kind of service in the current market are $4,322 dollars.

7. Ceiling Fan Repair & Installation 

Ceiling fan repair is another service homeowners will expect to receive once they hire a heating and cooling company. A ceiling fan is usually very vital in our homes as it ensures the temperatures of the house are bearable especially during hot weather conditions. This is a service you will be able to receive at an average national rate of $138 dollars.

The moment you get into a contract with an HVAC company, you expect them to install a ceiling fan for you. The average national cost for installing a ceiling fan is around $245.  This price can also depend on your location as well. 

8. Gas Pipe Repairs & Installation 

Installing or repairing a gas pipe is another service you surely expect to receive from an HVAC company you hire. The amount of money this service will cost you will range around $528.  This service is very important though so if you are asked to pay a little more than this it is well worth it.

9. Fireplace or Stove Repairs

Repairing the fireplace or woodstove is another service you expect to receive after contracting an HVAC company. This service will be availed to you at an average national price of $487 dollars.

duct wrap insulation installation

10. Insulation Installation

Installing a rolled, Batt or reflective insulation is another service once you hire an HVAC company. This service will be availed to you at an average national rate of $1,643 dollars.

11. Boiler Repair & Installation

Once a homeowner hires an HVAC company, they should expect them to install a gas boiler easily and effectively. This is usually a highly technical undertaking and the HVAC company you have hired sends its most qualified technician to handle this activity for the homeowner. 

This service is availed to the homeowner at a national average price of $5,158 dollars. This should cater for everything that will be required in the entire boiler installation activity.

Boiler repair is one of the basic services you will receive once you hire a credible HVAC company. Such a company will avail of some qualified technicians to ensure that this service is done in the most effective way. The current national average price of boiler repair is $371 dollars.

12. Heat Pump Repair & Installation 

Heat pump installation is one other basic service you are entitled to receive once you hire an HVAC company. This kind of service requires certified technicians and that is exactly what your company will avail to you. The national average price of heat pump installation is about $5,616 dollars.

A good HVAC company will also offer heat pump repair services. This service will be availed to you at a national average cost of $357 dollars.

installing and repairing a thermostat

13. Thermostat Installation & Repair

Thermostat installation is another service that homeowners usually expect once they have hired an HVAC company. This is a service that specifically needs the attention of a qualified HVAC technician. This service is availed to you at a national average price of about $171 dollars.

Hiring an HVAC company will mean that that thermostat repair services are availed to you anytime you detect any sort of malfunction. This service will be availed to you at an average price of $186 dollars respectively. 

14. Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation is another service that most HVAC companies will offer to their clients. Once you hire an HVAC company, you will expect them to effectively install solar panels for you. This is quite a daunting task and will cost the homeowner about an average national rate of $23,473 dollars.

15. Swamp Cooler Repair

Another service homeowners are expected to receive once they hire an HVAC company is swamp cooler repair. This service is availed to you at an average national rate of $182 dollars.

16. Humidifier Installation 

Humidifier installation is another service that homeowners will expect upon hiring an HVAC company. This is a unit that has a great impact on the comfort of our homes. This service will be availed to homeowners at an average national rate of $538 dollars.

Benefits Of Routine HVAC Maintenance & Service

HVAC maintenance

Saves costs

Without proper maintenance, the components of the HVAC system will wear out, get malaligned or get dirty. When the problem is not addressed in the right way, your equipment tends to use more energy than required to serve the same role it was designed to and this affects the utility bill negatively in a big way. 

If servicing and maintenance of the equipment are done on a regular basis, it will greatly reduce power consumption meaning that your bills will not be increased unnecessarily. In the long run, you will find that you are saving a lot when it comes to repairs.

Increases efficiency

A system that has been well serviced is usually very efficient. If your HVAC unit lacks proper maintenance, it could mean that you are ending up wasting money on high utility bills because the unit will try to work harder to meet the role for which it has been designed to. Therefore having your equipment regularly checked is very important.

Improves Air Quality

Maintaining the system will also improve indoor air quality. And for this, a maintenance plan generally includes:

  • Scheduled inspection, cleaning as well as service
  • Calibration of the control system components
  • Replacing the parts that at least meet the design specifications
  • Proper procedure documentation
  • And many more

Reduces Changes Of System Break Down

Everyone wants his or her HVAC system to function properly in all year round. servicing it will ensure you avoid sudden surprises of failing equipment amidst extreme weather conditions.

Increases the Life Span System

A system that undergoes regular servicing and maintenance will serve the homeowner for a long time. It will also not consume a large quantity of power unexpectedly. On the other side, an unmaintained system, have to overwork to generate an adequate result.

The Benefits Warranty

Almost every HVAC unit usually comes with a warranty. In this duration, the professionals from the supplier or manufacturer will check the condition of your system and work accordingly from time to time. 

The warranty usually serves as an assurance that if the system fails the company can service it hence the headache of looking for a certified HVAC contractor is eliminated.

Provides Caring for Equipment

What you should know is that even a new unit will reduce performance greatly if not serviced regularly. You should, therefore, scheduled for an annual maintenance contract and ensure that the professional offers quality services to you.


This goes to show that the services homeowners receive from the HVAC companies they hire has very many benefits. Since HVAC equipment is usually a huge investment, servicing them should be a norm and therefore hiring the best HVAC contractor is a no brainer. 

The higher the quality of servicing your HVAC equipment is accorded, the longer will be their years of service to the homeowner.

If you are interested in more information regarding HVAC services as well as how to find the best heating and cooling companies in your area to hire to perform them, be sure to try and read the following related articles.

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